Emergency accommodation

We can provide short-term accommodation for students who need somewhere to stay in an emergency.

You may need short-term emergency accommodation because:

  • a sudden unforeseen catastrophe (such as fire, flood or similar) means you cannot stay in your usual accommodation; 
  • you are worried your personal safety is at risk if you remain where you are.

Financial hardship is not a valid reason to apply for emergency accommodation. If you are struggling with accommodation costs, contact our student funding team for help.

What to do 

If you feel you need emergency accommodation because you are worried about your personal safety, contact our wellbeing team. They will support you with everything you are dealing with. If they feel that you need emergency accommodation, they will contact Student Accommodation to request this.

If you feel that you need emergency accommodation for any other reason, please contact Student Accommodation on 0117 374 6637 or student-accommodation@bristol.ac.uk.

Outside normal working hours, please contact the Residential Life team on 0117 428 3300 (which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). 

What happens next? 

 We will consider your circumstances and confirm whether or not we are able to provide you with emergency accommodation.

If we are able to offer you emergency accommodation, we will confirm: 

  • the location of the emergency room;
  • the cost (usually around £25 per night);
  • the length of stay (usually 1 or 2 nights; in rare cases, up to 1 week). 
If we are not able to offer you emergency accommodation, you may be eligible to apply for one of our remaining rooms for academic year 2022/23.
Alternatively, if you only need short-term accommodation, you can find information and advice on our finding private rented accommodation webpages.
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