Finding private accommodation

Bristol has a fast-moving rental market. Use our map to explore the potential rental areas in Bristol areas and our information and links to further resources to help you navigate the city's market and find somewhere to live.

Bristol is a popular and exciting city. It is home to
two large Universities, and we have a high number of students who stay on and make Bristol their home once their studies are complete.  

In the rental market, this means that demand for housing exceeds supply, including in the student market, and this has led to expensive rents and to competition for properties. You therefore need to be aware that finding accommodation in the city isn’t necessarily going to be easy. It is normal for it to take a while to find something suitable, and you will need to show perseverance in order to secure a property.  

You should expect to expand your house hunting beyond the city centre and into the suburbs of Bristol and beyond. There are more options if you are willing to walk or cycle a bit further to get to the campus, or to use public transport to travel.  

Use the map to discover the areas of Bristol, along with travel times to campus and other details on renting in the area. 

Finding properties to view

Get details of where to start looking at property listings. 

Costs of private renting

Understand the costs associated with renting privately. 

Tenancies and terms

Getting to grips with tenancy agreements and guarantors. 

Finding accommodation in Bristol video

Along with our colleagues at University West of England and Bristol City Council, we have recorded a short video with some helpful advice about finding private accommodation in Bristol.

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