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Osteopathy focuses on how the musculoskeletal system interrelates with the body as a whole. This holistic approach makes it ideal for treating sports injuries.

Osteopathic treatment is largely hands-on, and may include stretching of shortened soft tissues, specific massage techniques, rhythmic joint mobilisations and joint manipulation.

Osteopathy isn't just for backs

Virtually any sports injury can be helped with osteopathic treatment, including:

  • hip and knee pain
  • hamstring strains
  • calf and shin problems
  • shoulder and elbow pain.

Case study

SMC osteopathy case study (PDF, 130kB)

Gerry did a great job in explaining how the whole body needs to be functioning optimally to solve my issue (shin splints) and that it is not only about focusing on the area where the pain was felt.

Patient feedback, 2023
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