Clinic Update March 2021

From 29th March the Sports Medicine Clinic will reopen for face-to-face appointments, at Coombe Dingle Sports Complex.
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Sports massage - not currently available

Sports massage is the manipulation and stretching of muscle and connective tissues for the purpose of enhancing functions of the body such as movement and performance.

Why might you need a massage?

When a muscle feels tight, tender, weak or painful it is a sign that it's congested. Muscle that is congested does not function at its full potential and will hold you back in carrying out a specific task be it athletic performance or a day to day activity. Deep tissue sports massage can help to decongest and improve the condition of the muscle which will alleviate the symptom.

Sports massage can help everybody

Sports massage is not only for sports people. Anyone who is experiencing everyday levels of strain and stress will benefit. Deep tissue massage releases muscular congestion and pain, aids the lymphatic system, improves circulation and enhances the functional quality of muscle tissue.

How do muscles become congested?

  • frequent or intense training
  • everyday use leading to general stiffness
  • inefficient and incorrect use of the body
  • postural imbalances
  • previous injury or trauma
  • under-developed/over-developed muscle.

If you are an athlete there is no doubt that sports massage will have an enormous impact on your performance. It's unique advantages are prevention of injury, controlling repetitive strain and overuse syndromes.

Regular treatment allows you to train to your full potential and recover optimally. Sports massage will help you by ensuring your muscles are in peak condition to allow you to perform to your best ability.

What most appeals to me is the fact that your team want to get you back in action as soon as possible and they do not, ever, make you feel that, aged over 60, it is not worth bothering with you. This is so important. It boosts self esteem and makes you feel a valued member of society.

Patient, Feedback January 2020
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