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SafeZone is a free-to-use safety app that the University is making available to all staff and PGR's from the end of September to increase your safety whilst on campus.

The app is free to download, log in using your University username and password when you first set it up and you are ready to use it.

It allows you to keep in contact with Security Services at the touch of a button 24/7 and gives access to emergency help should you need it whilst on campus.

How to use SafeZone

Emergency - Press the red button to send an alert to Security Services. You will get the option to message or call Security. 

If you press this button by mistake, you can cancel the alert by tapping the button again while the timer is winding down. If you don't, Security Services will send you a notification asking you to contact them.

Non-urgent - Press the blue button if you want to call the non-urgent Security Services number.

Test - Press the green button to test what it looks like to raise an alert.

Using SafeZone abroad

The SafeZone app is already used by staff and students who travel abroad.

Please note: When you leave the UK, the app's buttons function will automatically update for overseas use. 

Technical support

For technical support, please contact

Security Services

Information and contact details for the Security Services team.

SafeZone FAQs

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