A standard is a publication that sets down a defined level of quality and performance for products to be measured against.

British Standards

British Standards Online (BSOL)

Search British Standards Online for details of British Standards, and to access the full-text of all current British Standards.

British Standards Online use a security feature which means BSOL documents can only be opened with the plug-in FileOpen that will need to be installed on your device.

For University devices, you will need to download Adobe Reader and the FileOpen plug-in from the Company Portal. For University devices in Libraries and Study Spaces this should already be installed.

For personal devices you will need to install the FileOpen plugin directly from the FileOpen website.

Alternatively, you can use the Quick View option to view them in your browser.

ASTM international standards

The University also subscribes to ASTM Compass, allowing you to search international standards.

Other standards

If you would like to see a standard that is not held by the library, please use the inter-library loan service or email

You can find further information via our subject support pages.

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