Teaching spaces fitted with a PointSolutions receiver

Notice that displays in lecture theatres that have a TurningPoint USB permanently installed.The teaching spaces list below have a PointSolutions receiver permanently installed in the rear of the presentation PC. These are typically venues where students who have their own keypads are taught, thus removing the need for their lecturers to book, collect, distribute and return equipment. Note that:

Warning: Avoid plugging in a second receiver at these locations because it will force a radio channel change one of the receivers. See the lecture theatre help sheet for simple institutions on how to check and change the radio channel on a receiver - a printed copy is available in all centrally-managed lecture theatre handbooks, and an online version is accessible on the SRS home page.

CampusTeaching spaceAV emergency support
Bristol Med Sci E29 Yes
Bristol Med SCi A1.4 Yes
Bristol Physics Tyndalls LT Yes
Bristol Anatomy Human DR (Dissection Room) No
Bristol Histology lab TL2.2 No
Bristol Med Sci C42 Yes
Bristol Med Sci C44 Yes
Bristol Southwell Street LT1 Yes
Bristol Southwell Street LT2 Yes
Bristol Southwell Street tutorial room 1 Yes
Bristol Southwell Street tutorial room 2 Yes
Bristol Southwell Street Veterinary DR No
Bristol Dental School - Chapter House Lecture Theatre No
Bristol Dental School - CAL Suite No
Langford PB Hodgkin LT Yes
Langford Churchill LT Yes
Langford PB SR1 Yes
Langford PB SR2 Yes
Langford PB SR3 Yes
Langford PB SR4 Yes
Langford PBTL No

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