Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally will help your students get the most from their course resources, and help you make your Blackboard space inclusive for all. Blackboard Ally automatically converts course resources into a variety of formats, from HTML and e-book for reading on mobile devices, to Electronic Braille for the visually impaired, and audio for learning on the go. 

It also helps you make small changes to resources you upload to make them more accessible, in easy-to-follow steps.

Instructors will see a small metre icon next to any uploaded content giving an indication of how accessible it is:

  • Needs help!
  • A little better
  • Almost there
  • Perfect!

Choosing this icon will detail issues along with helpful guidance and a simple interface to fix them. Students do not see accessibilty indicators, the only interaction they have with Ally is downloading automatically generated alternative formats.

Screenshot of accessible score icons.

Ally for students