Respondus is a simple tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard for online delivery. 

Why use it?

You can use Respondus to 

  • Write questions in a pre-formatted text file, import them into Respondus and publish them directly to Blackboard 
  • Printout exams that have been created within Respondus, with or without answers
  • Access the Respondus databank to download questions for your textbook if the publisher is contribuiting to the databank

Getting started

The Respondus software is available via the Respondus course in Blackboard. To download the software:

  • Follow this link to quickly enrol on the Respondus organisation on Blackboard
  • Go to the Software installation area and follow the instructions 


The University has a Campus License for Respondus: the lastest version of the software is Respondus

The primary support for Respondus is provided via the Blackboard Organisation which contains detailed set up instructions and user guides.