Recommendations for using OneNote Class Notebook

Each Teams space will come with a Class Notebook. This is a version of OneNote notebook. Every student has their own page to make notes that the teacher can see. There is also a teacher-only space and a collaborative space.

There are some caveats to using these notebooks (see below) but use-cases include:

  • Asking students to introduce themselves to you so that you can learn something about them (without them having to share with the wider class).
  • Ask your students to reflect on their learning so that you or a colleague can give support and feedback.
  • As a mechanism for students to keep notes on labs, fieldwork or similar so that they can share them with you.
  • Use the collaborative space to share ideas (works best asynchronously).

We recommend removing or renaming quizzes, handouts and homework when setting up the notebook unless you intend to use them. Note: The quiz feature is not as powerful as those available in Blackboard, Questionmark and H5P.


  • These notebooks may not be viable for very large units with many students. They were originally designed for schools, where class sizes are under 50.
  • Staff who have attempted to use class notebooks tell us the synchronization is not as quick as they would like it to be.
  • Blackboard remains the system for sharing lecture materials with students.