Qwickly attendance

Qwickly Attendance is a tool that allows users to easily record attendance at teaching events, including online, hybrid and in person.

There are different ways to take attendance. Your default style will depend on how your school has set up the Qwickly tool, this is defined within ‘Settings’ and can be changed if needed.

You can take attendance by student grouping. Most groups will have already been created by the integration between Syllabus+ and Blackboard and will be prefaced with {S}. If additional groups need to be created, this can be manually done in Blackboard.

Attendance can be recorded either manually by an administrator or by the students checking in themselves into a session through their Blackboard course.

You can use the Attendance Record to view past attendances and update attendance marks after the session. More detailed attendance reports will also be available within SITS/eVision reporting area.


Qwickly is easy to use both for students and administrators. Students can be marked as Present, Absent, Approved Absence or Late and comments can be added when marking attendance. Please note these comments will only be visible within the Qwickly tool report.

Results can be viewed either at class-level or individual level, allowing administrators to get an overview of student engagement within a course. It is also possible to view results in the Grade Centre if required.

As Qwickly attendance is integrated with SITS/eVision, both Academic and Administrative staff can view the attendance record and run reports on overall attendance (including tutorial attendance where appropriate) and for assessment and attendance in SITS/eVision.

Schools that own card readers can use them to take attendance for large groups and feed the results directly into Blackboard.