Marking and assessment boycott

We understand that some University of Bristol graduating students will be impacted by the marking and assessment boycott and may be concerned about what this means for them in relation to any future plans.

If you are one of the impacted students, we have collated information and advice to help you navigate corresponding with employers, and how to seek further support from the Careers Service. Please remember we can continue to support you throughout the summer and up to three years after graduation.

Advice for graduating students

As the marking and assessment boycott is a sector-wide issue, the Institute for Student Employers (ISE), a body which represents most of the largest graduate recruiters in the UK, have provided the following guidance for employers on how the boycott may affect students and what that means for offers of employment. Most large graduate recruiters are aware of the situation and the ISE has stated ‘we don’t expect the boycott to impact the offers made or on-boarding process in most cases’.

Some organisations, particularly smaller employers, may not be aware of the marking and assessment boycott occurring within universities nationally. 

If an employer has made your offer conditional on obtaining an award or on a specific degree classification, and this information is still pending, we recommend you make your employer aware of the situation and seek their advice.

Please refer to specific guidance provided to you by the University on when your final degree outcome will be made available. The University will be providing finalist students whose degree and classification are not yet confirmed with a link to download an interim transcript and a supporting document to explain the situation. You can show these to your prospective employer and also ask your school or another member of staff to supply a reference which may include a non-binding prediction of your degree outcome.

Employers may be able to base offers on your existing grades or be willing to wait to confirm your position until your degree award is finalised. In some cases, an organisation may need to delay your start date or amend terms and conditions in your employment offer. In order to understand your position it's worth making sure your offer has been made in writing.

As the marking and assessment boycott is not something you have control over, we would expect that employers show discretion and leeway when managing offers and start dates. You can contact the Careers Service for advice and support.

International students seeking work in the UK

Students are usually only eligible to apply for a Graduate visa once they have received their final degree award. However, the UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) has announced some temporary measures which will allow international students who have not yet received their final award to stay in the UK while waiting for results.

Students who have not yet received their results will be able to extend their student visa permission from within the UK. For more information, please contact the Student Visa Team.

Information for employers

Some 2023 University of Bristol graduates have experienced a delay in receiving their final degree award and classification due to staff industrial action and the marking and assessment boycott.

If you have made an offer conditional on degree classification, we appreciate you may have had to make contingency arrangements in light of this but hope this will not adversely impact the graduating student's opportunity with you, as the situation was through no fault of their own. We recommend that you keep in touch with your new graduate recruit/s about how this affects them. If you have any questions and would like to speak to us, please contact




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