Bristol PLUS Award

Information about the University’s employability award, here to help you make the most of opportunities available to you.


Registration for the Bristol PLUS Award is now open.

  • Registration deadline 12 February 2023.
  • Final completion deadline 09 June 2023.

The Bristol PLUS Award rewards you for extracurricular activities you have completed at any point during your degree, and provides a structure to reflect on the skills you have developed.

Employers support the Award because it demonstrates that you have the skills that they value.

How to get started

To get started log in to mycareer and start the Bristol PLUS Award sign-up pathway. You will be directed to attend a Bristol PLUS Award introductory talk. An introductory talk will provide you with everything you need to know about the Award process.

You will be able to access the Bristol PLUS Award registration form after you have attended the introductory talk. You must submit this form by 12 February 2023 to be registered on the Award. Once registered you must complete by 9 June 2023.

Find the next available introductory talk on mycareer.

Once registered

Log your evidence and complete your PLUS Award before the 9 June deadline.

Find out more

The Bristol PLUS Award guide contains step-by-step guidance of the Award process.

Outstanding PLUS Awards 

Have you gone above and beyond the PLUS Award requirements in 2022-23? Did you make a significant change or impact in an activity or role? If so then you can nominate yourself to receive extra recognition with an Outstanding PLUS Award (OPA). 

Find out more in our Outstanding PLUS Awards guide.

Every exercise towards achieving the Bristol PLUS Award enhanced my ability to network and communicate effectively. Achieving the Award has boosted my confidence ever since and is a memory to cherish always.

Gowrishanker (MSc Integrated Aerospace Systems Design, 2012), Founder, Spacenxt Aviation and Aerospace Research

My PLUS Award experience

Read about how Kofo's PLUS Award experience helped her to learn about her strengths.

Bristol PLUS Award guide

Find out how the Bristol PLUS Award works in our guide.

Why take part in the Bristol PLUS Award?

Find out what students and employers think about the award.

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