Campus Planning and Design

Our central aim is to effectively manage a dynamic and limited resource, supporting our academic activity, whilst minimising cost through improved utilisation of the institution's estate.

What we do

The Campus Planning and Design team is responsible for the management of a diverse and dynamic property portfolio. Our aim is to reduce overall estates costs, releasing funds for other important activities and enabling facilities to be maintained to a higher quality. We also aim to maximise utilisation of the space we have as we work towards our carbon net zero target.

We enable better long-term estate planning and property management through our knowledge of the portfolio and maintaining accurate property information. We also support the development and use of property as a strategic function. Our estate should be capable of embodying the University’s wider aims and providing innovative workplace design, house novel research facilities and foster modern teaching methods.

The Campus Planning and Design team is made up of:

  • Space Planning Managers and Project Development Managers who provide expert advice on space management solutions, developing options appraisals, feasibility studies and design. We also provide supporting information in the business cases for investment.
  • The CAD team who keep our 2D building plans updated, ensuring accuracy for space modelling as well as legislative compliance issues such as fire safety. We are looking towards 3D building models and geospatial mapping of the campus to build on our knowledge, improve legibility and support improvements to wayfinding for staff and students.
  • The Space and Project Analysts who manage the data that sits behind the building plans, occupancy, usage, size and location; they also provide the analytical skills to inform brief development work with the Space Planning Managers.
  • The Learning Facilities Management team who manage all aspects of our central teaching spaces including a refurbishment plan.

Campus Planning and Design also manage the Campus Project Referral process where any requests for Campus Division input can be logged.

Contact us

Department Address: 1-9 Old Park Hill, Bristol, BS2 8BB (1st floor)
For general enquiries please telephone: 0117 33 1743

Learning Facilities Management

Learning Facilities Management (LFM) oversee all standard (non-specialist) Central Teaching Spaces across the University.

To learn more about our work, visit the LFM webpages.

Campus Project Referral

If you're a member of staff and would more information on the Campus Project Referral process, please speak with your building Facilities Manager.

Information for staff

Staff can learn more about our Campus Planning team on SharePoint.

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