Parys Gardener

Parys Gardener is a freelance digital artist and illustrator based in Bristol, UK. She specialises in 2D vector art and authentic storytelling for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

We collaborated with Parys as part of Cabot Conversations which features ten conversations around climate change with leading academics from different disciplines and an artist who creates a piece of art as they interpret what you're listening to.

Cabot Institute for the Environment experts Dr Daniel Haines and Dr Max Werner discuss Earthquakes and the Environment while Parys creates an artistic interpretation of the conversation.

Parys Gardner holding up her artwork for Cabot Conversations
Parys Gardener holding her artwork for Cabot Conversations.
Parys Gardener creating her artwork for Cabot Conversations
Parys Gardener designing her Cabot Conversations artwork.
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