Our strategy

Through our strategy we aim to continue to build upon our strong university community foundations and partnerships to empower and co-create knowledge and solutions to environmental challenges.

Our mission

Is to provide knowledge, evidence, education, and solutions that protect our environment and identify better ways to live within our changing planet.

Our vision

Be a global hub for world-leading interdisciplinary environmental research and life-long learning, with a community where all feel welcome and supported to understand and deliver new solutions to environmental challenges. An institute that convenes, connects, and empowers people from around the world to unite on the most pressing global environmental issues of our time to create transitions to a more just and sustainable future.

Our strategy

To achieve our vision and mission we have set out four interconnected strategic pillars to enable us to fulfil our ambitions:

  1. Pillar A: World-leading interdisciplinary environmental research
  2. Pillar B: Our inclusive and vibrant research community culture
  3. Pillar C: Creating meaningful impact
  4. Pillar D: An inspiring education & transformative learning environment

To learn more about our pillars, please read our full Strategy 2023-2026 or view the two page Strategy Summary.

The front cover of the Strategy 2023 - 2026 document.
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