Louise and Eva belong to a London-based arts programme called Fourthland, which they describe as:

“A movement. An idea. A place. The handheld. A way of working. A history of projects".

Tessa Fitzjohn, a local curator, and Aldo Rinaldi, the Senior Arts Officer at Bristol City Council offered the Cabot Institute the opportunity to host Fourthland as Artists in Residence. Together, Aldo and Tessa launched the ‘Resilience Laboratory’ in light of Bristol’s ‘Green Capital’ award – a project that aimed to explore the meaning of resilience from multiple disciplines and create a space to share learning.


Read the blog - Resilience, the power of being bored...together

Read the blog - Resilience is inside every one of you, you just have to know where to find it

Fourthland resilience report (PDF, 2,831kB) by Fourthland.

Read the Back to where we have not quite been catalogue (PDF, 1,794kB)

View the image library from the Fourthland project.

Visit Fourthland's resilience lab website.

Fourthland - Louise and Eva
Fourthland artists Louisa and Eva
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