Academic groups

The University of Bristol Business School hosts six academic groups:


Drawing on insights from across the social sciences and working with businesses, policy makers, professional accounting bodies, standard setters and regulators, our research and teaching explore management accounting practices, financial accounting and reporting, and accountability, sustainability, and governance issues, across the public, private and third sectors.


The Finance Group studies capital markets and financial decision making.

Marketing and consumption

Our group approaches marketing as both a core function of businesses and other organisations, and as a vibrant academic field that is key to understanding and shaping a rapidly changing world. With particular emphasis on consumption and consumer research, we address digital transformations as well as questions of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Operations and management science, healthcare & innovation

Addressing a wide spectrum of management and organisation challenges, our group focuses on developing and disseminating knowledge in operations, management science, healthcare management and innovation as well as advancing practices.

Strategy, international management & business, and entrepreneurship

Addressing global challenges faced by organisations of all shapes and sizes, we focus on the understanding and application of strategic management, international business and entrepreneurship in the context of social, political and economic factors within business and society. Our group researches issues at the intersection of people, responsible business and the planet.

Work, employment, organisation and public policy

We research work, institutions and public policy and how they are experienced, organised and transformed.

Challenge-led interdisciplinary research groups

Our research groups are incubators to foster the latest thinking, debates, collaboration and support systems for our research.

University research institutes we work with

We work collaboratively to find innovative ways of undertaking multidisciplinary research.
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