ALSPAC and Wellcome Open Research

We are working in partnership with Wellcome Open Research to provide all researchers who have accessed ALSPAC data a route to publish their datasets (for free) and make them open to the wider research community. 

Wellcome Open Research aims to increase the speed and transparency of scholarly publishing for Wellcome-funded researchers and institutes, by using a model of immediate publication followed by transparent, invited peer review, and inclusion of all supporting data. This approach enables reanalysis, replication attempts and data reuse, bringing benefits to researchers and institutions, as well as society more broadly. 

Visit the ALSPAC gateway on Wellcome Open Research

Publishing a dataset

You can publish an ALSPAC dataset as a Data Note – a brief description of your dataset that includes details of why and how the data were created, but does not include any analyses or conclusions.

Data Notes are not exhaustive articles, they are succinct, descriptions of the data, which are peer-reviewed on the criteria below:

  • Is the rationale for creating the dataset(s) clearly described?
  • Are the protocols appropriate and is the work technically sound?
  • Are sufficient details of methods and materials provided to allow replication by others?
  • Are the datasets clearly presented in a useable and accessible format?

You can find more information about preparing a Data Note on the Wellcome Open Research website

More information

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