Collaboration Projects

Collaboration Projects  provide file space on the RDSF that can be shared securely with collaborators who are external to the University of Bristol. 

Requirements for External Collaborators 

External Collaborators must register (and agree to terms and conditions of use) at
We recommend that collaborators use sftp to access your RDSF collaboration project: sftp collaborator registration and setup guide.
WebDav can also be used by external collaborators but this is less reliable than the sftp method: WebDav collaborator registration and setup guide.

Collaboration Project setup overview

Please note this is a 3 stage process for Data Stewards, it is quite common for stewards to forget the last step! 

  1. Invite collaborators to register with the collaboration service (see instructions below).
  2. Finally, after your external collaborator has registered with the collaboration service you need to add them to your Collaboration project

Setting up a Collaboration Project and adding external users

1. The Data Steward needs to  request an RDSF Collaboration Project.

2. Please ensure you select Collaboration in the Type of project option. The default is Standard (internal only).

3. Once approved, you will get an email with a link to the Collaboration project management webpage. Use the project management page to invite your non-University collaborator(s) to register:

A. Select the Collaborate  button on the Collaboration project page (you won’t see this tab on the project page for standard projects). You will see a Project collaborators section.

B. Enter their email address in the box headed Invite a colleague to register with data.bris and select the Invite button.

4. You will receive an email once they have registered. You can then give them access to your project from the same Collaboration page:

A. Find your collaborator using by entering their email address in the box headed Add a registered colleague as a collaborator on your project. If you cannot find them check you are using the email address with which they registered. 

B. Add the collaborator to your project. They will appear in the list of collaborators.

C. You may remove permission to access your files from a particular collaborator by clicking the Remove button next to their name. They will remain in the system should you wish to re-add them.

5.  By default, a Collaboration Project provides read/write access for any external user given access. 

Email for support.

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