How do I access and use the RDSF?

When the RDSF project has been created and you have been added to the project user list by the Data Steward or Deputy Data Steward you will be able to access the Project.

You can check which projects you have access to here - data.bris Data Projects.

Follow the instructions below to setup your connection to the project from your local computer.

You need to be connected to the University Campus network to access the RDSF, when not on campus you will need to connect to the VPN.

On a PC 

  • From Windows Explorer access or map a network drive to: 
  • \\\My_Project     Note: Replace 'My_Project' with your project name 
  • If prompted for a username to access the RDSF folder use the format: "uob\your-uob-username"

On a Mac

  •  In the Finder select 'Go>Connect To Server...' (or press CMD-K)
  • then enter:   smb://  

      Note: Replace 'My_Project' with your project name

Linux desktop 

This can vary, but most have a 'Connect to Server' option from the Places menu

  • Go to the Places menu
  • Select 'Connect to Server'
  • Select "Windows Share"
  • Server:       Folder: My_Project

 Alternatively on the command line (for advanced users)

  • Ensure the cif-utils package is installed
  • mount -t cifs -o username=username,workgroup=UOB // mountpoint

      Note: Replace 'My_Project', 'username', 'mountpoint' with your project name, username, and directory

Linux NFS

We recommend Linux users connect to the cifs share as with “Linux desktop” above. Please get in touch with our RDSF support team if you need to discuss Linux NFS access to the RDSF. 

Note: For all these set up methods if you are asked for a Windows Domain use UOB (all in capitals).

Who controls access to RDSF projects?

The Data Steward or Deputy Data Steward can manage which University users have access by clicking 'Manage Users' on your RDSF project management page. (UoB VPN and sign in required)   
By default all members of the project have full access to all data in a Project. A Data Steward can apply for 2 projects, e.g. one for the whole research group and one for a small number of users if data needs to be restricted to a smaller group of users.

Can my PhD students store their data in the RDSF?

As Data Steward, you can add any PhD students you supervise as users of your project.

Which machines can access my project?

For Windows/Mac (CIFS sharing) any of the project users can access the data as a Windows shared drive from any machine on-site or via the University VPN. If you'd prefer tighter restrictions, for example restricting access to a small number of PCs, please contact our support team.

Email for support.

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