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ACRC HPC systems

HPC systems overview

The ACRC operates a number of different HPC systems each suited to different workloads. All of our clusters run a linux operating system.
If you are unfamiliar with using linux we offer training courses. You can sign up for them here. Alternatively, you can go through the intro to linux workshop at your own pace.
For an up to date overview of HPC at the University please watch our new  'Introduction to HPC at University of Bristol' | Microsoft Stream‌.
You can also download the Introduction to HPC at University of Bristol slides (PowerPoint with narration).


University of Bristol HPC facilities: 

BlueCrystal Phase 4

BlueCrystal Phase 4 (BC4) is available to all HPC users at the University of Bristol it is capable of up to 600 trillion calculations per second. BC4 is capable of supporting large parallel jobs and has a number of Nvidia P100 GPUs.  


BluePebble is available to researchers across the University of Bristol, it is targeted for high throughput computing, and also has a number of GPUs and accelerators, large memory and other specialised requirements. 


The ACRC team installed and maintains the BBSRC funded BlueCryo high-performance computing (HPC) cluster dedicated to image processing for the GW4 Cryo-EM facility which supports pioneering cryo-microsopy research at the University of Bristol.  





We are recruiting!

We are seeking a Senior Research Infrastructure Engineer to join our team closing date 20th June

Senior Research Infrastructure Engineer job advert and application

More roles to follow shortly!

2022 ACRC News

New 'Introduction to HPC at University of Bristol' video 

minimalmarkers: Accelerating a genotyping script from 10 days to 34 seconds to reduce its environmental impact. Read how this research acceleration was achieved with Research Software Enginneering support.


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