High Performance Computing

ACRC HPC systems

HPC systems overview

The ACRC operates a number of different HPC systems each suited to different workloads.

BlueCrystal Phase 3

BlueCrystal Phase 3 (BC3) is available to all HPC users at the University of Bristol. BC3 is a general-purpose HPC cluster suitable for single processor and smaller parallel runs.

BlueCrystal Phase 4

BlueCrystal Phase 4 (BC4) is capable of up to 600 trillion calculations per second. BC4 is primarily intended for large parallel jobs and for work requiring the Nvidia P100 GPUs.


BluePebble is a new system targeted for high throughput computing, GPUs and accelerators, large memory and other specialised requirements. It also provides a platform for dedicated resources for individual projects and research groups. 


Catalyst is one of the first Arm based supercomputers in the world. The system is one of three donated to the UK academic community in a collaboration with HPE, Arm and Marvell. This is a brand new architecture which provides exciting performance characteristics, such as 64 cores per node and 30% more memory bandwidth than other vendors. To run on this system code must be recompiled from source. There are conditions of use attached to the programme, including the need to benchmark and report performance. If you are interested please contact Simon Burbidge.



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