How to apply for research data storage

New RDSF projects 

The project PI (Principal Investigator) must apply to be Data Steward and then register a standard RDSF project, requesting access for the relevant members of their research group. 

By default project access is restricted to University of Bristol users only, if you need to give access to external collaborators please connect to the University network then register for a collaboration project.

RDSF Policy and terms of use

Please read the RDSF_policy (PDF, 100kB) and  RDSF terms of use (PDF, 75kB) before you apply to create an RDSF project.

Getting access to an existing RDSF project

The RDSF project Data Steward (or Deputy Data Steward) can add users to their RDSF projects using their RDSF project page and clicking on 'Manage Users.'

Or the Data Steward of the RDSF project can email to ask for a user to be given access. They should include the 'RDSF project code'  or name (this is not the GRANT code) and the new user's UOB login name in their request. 


Email for support.

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