Student Experience Committee

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Student Experience Committee reports to Univerity Education Committee. 


Working in partnership with Bristol SU, the main purposes of the Committee are to:

  1. Articulate the University's vision for student experience via the University's Education and Student Experience Strategy and maintain strategic oversight of its delivery.
  2. Make decisions on student experience priorities, with regard to the Education and Student Experience Strategy and the University's student experience-related risks and Strategic Performance Indictors (SPIs).   
  3. Respond to changes in the external and internal student experience environment.
  4. Have oversight of the Student Experience Programme, steering the aims and objectives of the Programme in line with the vision for student experience.
  5. Make decisions and maintain strategic oversight of student experience. This includes:
    • Student Experience related regulations, policies, codes of practice, procedures and strategies
    • Compliance with external regulatory frameworks.
  6. Set priorities and monitor progress for student experience projects and initiatives and endorse requests for funding (where appropriate).   
  7. Monitor implementation of the Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy (this is via its Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Steering Group).
  8. Ensure alignment between the vision for student experience (as set out in the Education and Student Experience Strategy) and faculty and divisional plannng through the Integrated Planning Process.
  9. Consider key measures of the student experience and to lead necessary actions to improve and enhance, in particular around student inclusion, student community and student voice.
  10. Assure the effectiveness of the student representation system.
  11. Consider measures to contribute towards improved equality of opportunity in student access, success and progression to support students with ability and ambition from all backgrounds (this is via its Student EDI Group).
  12. Ensure that the student experience is fully considered within the development and implementation of policies and processes relating to student accommodation (this is via its Student Accommodation Group).
  13. Advise relevant committees including the University Executive Board on student experience priorities and initiatives and on infrastructure (including physical and digital environment and systems) required to deliver the University's vision for student experience.    


The standing membership of the Committee for 2023-24 is as follows:

RoleJob titleName
Committee oversight and steer Executive Director for Education and Students [co-Chair] Paula Coonerty
Union Affairs Officer [co-Chair] Adam Michael
Academic staff representatives Associate Pro Vice Chancellor (Education Innovation and Enhancement) Professor Alvin Birdi
Faculty Education Director Professor Sheena Warman
Faculty PGR Director Dr Stephanie King
School Education Director  Dr Mike McBeth
Senior Tutor Dr Gemma Ford
Bristol SU representatives: Equality, Liberation and Access Officer Saranya Thambirajah
UG Education Officer Nicole Antoine
PG Education Officer Timber Hill
Sport and Student Development Officer Pat Gibbs
Student Living Officer Izzy Russell
International Students Officer Bakhtawar Javed
Professional services representatives 

Director of Student Experience

Steve Hall

Director of Student Opportunity

Lucy Collins

Head of Student Inclusion

Zoe Pither

Faculty Head of Student Administration

Jayne Brown

School Education Manager

Caroline Falzon

Standing invitations are issued to:


The Chair or nominee and at least two academic staff representatives, two Bristol SU representatives and two professional services representatives. 

Members of the Committee who are unable to attend a particular meeting may send a suitably qualified nominee, at the discretion of the Chair.  Nominees shall count towards the quorum as though they were the member of the Committee by whom they were nominated and shall be entitled to vote.   

Mode of Operation

The Committee shall normally meet at least six times per year. Chair's powers may be used between meetings of the Committee to address urgent and / or confidential matters (any action undertaken through Chair's powers will be reported to the next meeting of the Committee).

Please contact the Secretary (Kathryn Maycock) if you wish to discuss adding an item to the agenda for Student Experience Committee. The paper deadlines for the committee are listed as part of the meeting dates however items for the agenda must be raised with the Secretary at least 3 weeks before the meeting date so that the agenda can be finalised at a pre-meeting with the Chair. 


Please see the diagram demonstrating the Student Experience Committee reporting structure (PDF, 109kB)       

Meeting Dates 

Student Experience Committee meetings are scheduled as follows:  

Student Experience Committee dates 2023/24
Paper deadlinesMeeting dates
Friday 29 September 2023 Tuesday 10 October 2023
Friday 3 November 2023 Tuesday 14 November 2023
Friday 12 January 2024 Tuesday 23 January 2024
Friday 1 March 2024 Tuesday 12 March 2024
Monday 29 April 2024 Thursday 9 May 2024
Friday 31 May 2024 Tuesday 11 June 2024


Record of business

Summary reports from Student Experience Committee are available for download (UoB only)