University Learning and Teaching Committee

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The University Learning and Teaching Committee is a sub-committee of the University Education Committee. 


The purpose of the Committee is to:

a) Develop and maintain the strategic framework for taught education for the University;
b) Have oversight of the provision of taught (UG and PGT) education at the University;
c) Enhance the academic experience for students on taught programmes, including the taught elements of PGR programmes.

Terms of reference

The Committee has delegated authority from University Education Committee (UEC) for decision-making on the matters within its remit, except where:

Strategic framework for taught education

  1. Contribute to and advise upon the strategic development of taught education at the University, as set out in the University Education Strategy to include the physical and digital environment for learning, teaching and assessment.

Provision of taught education

  1. Establish the principles for new regulation and policy to govern learning, teaching and assessment within taught programmes , and review the implementation and operation of such policies to enable an excellent student experience.
  2. Keep under review the implementation and operation of existing regulations and policies that govern learning, teaching and assessment within taught programmes, and refine as appropriate.
  3. Respond to relevant institution-level outputs from the University’s quality framework.
  4. Contribute to the implementation of institution-level projects for enhancing learning, teaching and assessment at the University.
  5. Work with the Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching to encourage education innovation, share good practice and ensure staff are supported and enabled to innovate and deliver high-quality learning and teaching.
  6. Consider specific issues facing the University within learning, teaching and assessment in taught programmes on behalf of University Education Committee, the faculty boards and other relevant committees.

Student academic experience

  1. Lead on strategic initiatives that enhance the academic experience of students on taught programmes.
  2. Develop and implement strategies to obtain feedback from taught students.


The membership of the Committee for 2023-24 is as follows:

Job titleName
Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) [Chair] Dr Mark Allinson
Committee Secretary Nick Iles

Faculty Education Directors

  • Arts
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Science
  • Social Sciences and Law


  • Dr Damien Mooney and Dr James Freeman
  • Professor Christian Allen and Professor Kirsten Cater
  • Professor Sheena Warman and Professor Astrid Linthorst
  • Dr Peter Brennan
  • Dr Chris Russell
  • Dr Jo Rose and Dr Torsten Michel

Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education Quality and Standards)

Professor Kate Whittington 

Director of Education Quality and Policy Elinor Davies
Deputy Director of Education Quality and Policy Mike White 
Bristol SU Undergraduate Education Officer Nicole Antoine
Bristol SU Postgraduate Education Officer Timber Hill
Bristol SU Head of Representation and Student Leadership Finn Northrop
Representatives from BILT Professor Alvin Birdi 
Representative Faculty Head of Student Administration Katie Allan
Representative from the Careers Service Naomi Love
Representative from the Library Service Sarah Newbold
Representative from the Digital Education Office Hilary Griffiths
Head of Assessment, Education Services Management Charlotte Verney
Head of IT Partnering- Education, IT Services James Bingham

Representatives may send a nominee from time to time


The Chair (or nominee) and at least five other staff members of the Committee to include three FEDs, at least one with UG oversight and one with PGT oversight.

Mode of Operation

1. The Committee will normally meet seven times a year.
2. The Committee will normally report to University Education Committee following each meeting.

Meeting dates

University Learning and Teaching Committee reports to University Education Committee so the meetings are scheduled to enable this.

University Learning and Teaching Committee meeting schedule 2023/24
Paper deadlinesMeeting dates
Monday 18th September 2023 Tuesday 26th September 2023
Monday 30th October 2023 Wednesday 8th November 2023
Monday 4th December 2023

Tuesday 12th December 2023

Monday 29th January 2024 Tuesday 6th February 2024
Monday 11th March 2024 Tuesday 19th March 2024
Monday 29th April 2024 Tuesday 7th May 2024
Friday 24th May 2024 Monday 3rd June 2024

Record of business

Summary reports from University Learning and Teaching Committee are available for download (UoB only).