Required to withdraw

If you are not able to demonstrate satisfactory progress, the faculty exam board may require you to withdraw from the programme, with an exit award if appropriate.

If you are required to withdraw, an academic member of staff from your school will discuss the exam board's decision with you, unless you choose not to. Your faculty will provide written details of the reasons for the decision.

As well as speaking to your tutor, it is important to talk to friends and family about this outcome; they can give you valuable support.

You might also find it helpful to speak to a student wellbeing adviser about how to raise the news with your family, or about how it is affecting you.

You can also contact JustAsk, the free and confidential Bristol SU advice service.

This outcome is an appealable decision.

Full details of the regulations:

Access to University services

After you are withdrawn, your UCard will no longer give you access to buildings and your University IT account will be shut down. You will receive notifications about this so you can move any files or emails you might need before your account is shut down.

Careers Service

You can use our Careers Service for up to three years after you leave.

Tuition fees and funding

You may get a refund for some of your tuition fees. This will depend on the date you leave your course. Speak to your faculty office about the refund amount.

For more information, find out how we calculate tuition fee refunds and read our tuition fee refund policy.

If you receive financial support, such as a student loan, email to the Student Funding Office: Withdrawing can affect the funding you are eligible to receive if you go on to study at another university.

You may also be required to pay back some or all of your student loan.


For students on a Student visa, we are required to notify the UKVI that you have withdrawn from your studies. The UKVI will curtail your visa and you will have to leave the UK. Please read the visa information about withdrawing from your studies.


If you are in private rented accommodation

It may not be possible to end your tenancy agreement early if you are in private accommodation.

After you are withdrawn you will not be eligible for a council tax exemption.

You can get help and advice from our private sector housing team.

If you are in University accommodation

Normally, if you are no longer a student you cannot remain in University accommodation. Please speak to your local ResiLife team for advice and support.

You will be required to pay up to two weeks' rent from the date you inform us of your intention to leave.

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