Peer mentors

Peer support is made up of two schemes:

If you would like to talk to a current student before and during the first few months of university, peer mentoring is available for any first year undergraduate.

Your mentor will usually study a similar subject to you. They are there to listen when you need to talk, and to answer any questions you have about your course in general or university life. We'll contact you via email in late August to let you know how to request a mentor or you can sign up via this webpage when the request form is open (late August).

Many students say that it is nice to know that there is someone to talk to, even if you don’t need them. Last year around 1,200 new students had a peer mentor and 87% said their peer mentor had improved their student experience.

Email with any queries.

About the scheme

The aim of the scheme is to help you settle in to the University. Your peer mentor is available from just before you start university until the end of January.

Although the main scheme ends in January, if you feel you could benefit from the support of a peer mentor after this, please contact us and we will discuss options with you We can extend the scheme on an individual basis if you feel it would benefit you.

The scheme is opt-in, so if you have settled into university and no longer need a peer mentor you can tell them in person, or email

The role of a peer mentor

A peer mentor is someone who is trained to be a mentor to you. To provide you with good quality mentoring support, peer mentors should only mentor you for about one hour at a time.

Peer mentors are unable to spend long periods of time with you, such as an evening out for dinner. Instead they are there to listen and direct you to help yourself. If you want to know more about mentoring skills, you could apply to become a peer mentor for the next academic year.

Peer mentors are not academic tutors. If you need academic support or tutorials, you can speak to your personal tutor. Your peer mentor can talk to you about the course in general and what to expect from it. However, they can’t look through your work or do revision with you.


You can choose to do a variety of activities with your peer mentor, you might like to do the following:

  • Meet for a chat 
  • Arrange a video call
  • Exchange emails and messages
  • A campus tour 
  • Go for a coffee 
  • Meet up with other first-year students.

Contact time

Peer mentors can spend up to an hour per week in contact with you. This varies from person to person. You may find you need less contact at some times and your mentor will understand that. Each mentoring relationship is different.

Finding the right peer mentor

When you apply, you provide basic details about yourself and we use this to match you with a peer mentor. Matching is done on a first-come first-served basis.

Although we can't guarantee it, we will normally match you with a mentor who is doing the same or a similar course to you.

However, where you have expressed a preference for a mentor who shares similar characteristics to you, we will try to match on your preference.
Peer mentors for mature students

Some of our peer mentor team are mature students. If you are 21-years-old or over and prefer to be matched with one of our mature peer mentors, please state this when you sign up for the scheme.

Who to contact if you haven’t heard from your peer mentor

If you haven’t heard from your mentor, first check your junk email mailbox to see if they have emailed your. They will email you from their University of Bristol email address.

If you haven’t heard from your peer mentor by the start of Welcome Week, and requested a mentor by the deadline, please email

If you are having problems contacting your mentor please email us on and we will sort this out for you.

Become a Peer Mentor

Recruitment is now closed for Peer Mentors to work in the academic year 2022/23. 

We expect to open recruitment in February 2023 to work in 2023/24. Details will be noted on this webpage but also on the Careers Service Job listing. Careers Service | Careers Service | University of Bristol

Sign up for a mentor

The peer mentoring scheme is now closed for 2021/22 mentor requests. However, you can still contact us to find out about the peer mentoring scheme on and we will try to help you.

The mentor request form with open in Mid August 2022 for students starting at the University in September 2022.

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