Image: media formats. Use of digital materials can bring a rich experience to learning, but can also lead to complications that impact on online learning. Ensure that:

  • RequiredMaterials presented are useful and relevant to the course
  • RequiredContent is broken down and/or organised into manageable sections
  • RequiredMaterials are named and presented consistently, eg filenames are consistent
  • RequiredFulfilled by Blackboard.The course links to library resources (eg reading lists)
  • RequiredMaterials comply with copyright restrictions
  • Enhanced.Materials have a shared style guide/template throughout the course

Audio and Video

  • RequiredAudio and video is intelligible and complies with copyright restrictions
  • Enhanced.Media is used to enhance and extend learning beyond the classroom/lecture theatre, eg in a flipped classroom approach
  • Enhanced.Video is supplied with embedded subtitles by preference or, where this isn't possible, a transcript as an alternative
  • Enhanced.Audio is supplied with a transcript


  • RequiredImages used are relevant, good quality, and comply with copyright restrictions
  • RequiredImages contain alt tags for accessibility.


  • RequiredBaseline criteria, which should be achieved by all courses
  • Enhanced.Enhanced approaches, which may not always be applicable, but can provide a richer experience for students
  • RequiredFulfilled by Blackboard.Baseline criteria which are automatically fulfilled in Blackboard