Assessment and feedback

Image: Assessment icon.Online courses offer the ability to provide frequent and easily-accessible assessment, with timely feedback, to provide a rich learning experience. Ensure that:

  • RequiredAssessments are clearly signposted and include instructions; where available, feedback is clearly signposted
  • RequiredAssessment criteria are provided
  • RequiredAll assessment activity is planned, set up and managed in accordance with the “Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes” (section 9 covers online examinations and e-submission of coursework)
  • RequiredFeedback principles, as outlined in the “Institutional Principles for Assessment and Feedback in Taught Programmes”, are followed
  • RequiredMechanisms are in place for regular feedback from students
  • Enhanced.Assessment criteria are explained; examples (exemplar assignments) may be used to illustrate
  • Enhanced.Different strategies are used to provide feedback where appropriate - for example, audio or video feedback
  • Enhanced.Analytics are used to monitor activity and identify potential issues.


  • RequiredBaseline criteria, which should be achieved by all courses
  • Enhanced.Enhanced approaches, which may not always be applicable, but can provide a richer experience for students
  • RequiredFulfilled by Blackboard.Baseline criteria which are automatically fulfilled in Blackboard