Instructions and support for learners

image: instruction icon. By providing a signposted place to find information about the course, or where to find additional support, you help to orientate students to the course (both in real life and online) and to university life. Ensure that: 

  • RequiredClear guidance is provided on how students are expected to use the space
  • RequiredInformation is provided on how to access and use all required tools and resources
  • RequiredIt is clear where students can find help about the course, as well as technical and other support (including the library, pastoral care, etc)
  • RequiredInstructor contact details are provided, with relevant information, such as office hours and location 
  • RequiredGuidance on study skills and academic integrity is provided
  • Enhanced.Students are welcomed to the course by teaching staff, eg with a video or podcast
  • Enhanced.A code of conduct/netiquette for online activities is agreed, where appropriate
  • Enhanced.Guidance is provided for any required tools, plugins, and resources.


  • RequiredBaseline criteria, which should be achieved by all courses
  • Enhanced.Enhanced approaches, which may not always be applicable, but can provide a richer experience for students
  • RequiredFulfilled by Blackboard.Baseline criteria which are automatically fulfilled in Blackboard