CMPO Researchers

Name Position Email
Professor Sonia Bhalotra Professor of Economics
Jack Britton Post-Graduate Research Student
Professor Simon Burgess Professor of Economics, CMPO Director
Dr Paul Clarke Senior Research Fellow
Professor David Cowan Professor of Law and Policy
Edward Cowley Research Assistant
Dr Matt Dickson Research Associate
Merve Ertok Post-Graduate Research Student
Ludivine Garside Research Assistant
Dr Francesco Giovannoni Lecturer in Economics and Management
Professor Paul Gregg Professor of Economics
Professor Paul Grout Professor of Political Economy
Dr Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka Senior lecturer of Economics
Dr Rich Harris School of Geographical Sciences
Dr Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder Research Associate
Sarah Hirons Post-Graduate Research Student
Gervas Huxley Teaching Fellow in Economics
Katharina Janke Post-Graduate Research Student
Professor Ron Johnston Professor of Geography
Professor Kelvyn Jones Professor of Human Quantitative Geography
Sarah Karlsberg Schaffer Research Assistant
Alison Kite Post-Graduate Research Student
George Leckie Lecturer in Social Statistics
Lindsey Macmillan Post-Graduate Research Student
Leandro Magalhaes Lecturer in Economics
Dr Morag McDermont Senior Lecturer in Law
Leigh McKenna Research Assistant
Professor In-Uck Park Leverhulme Professor of Industrial Organisation
Mike Peacey Post-Graduate Research Student
Dr Andrew Pickering Lecturer in Economics
Professor Fabien Postel-Vinay Professor of Economics
Professor Carol Propper Professor of Economics
Professor Tony Prosser Professor of Public Law
Steven Proud Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics
Anita Ratcliffe Post-Graduate Research Student
Sam Rawlings Post-Graduate Research Student
Harriet Robinson Research Assistant
Michael Sanders Post-Graduate Research Student
Eleanor Sanderson Post-Graduate Research Student
Dr Helen Simpson Reader in Economics
Professor Sarah Smith Professor of Economics
Dr Silvia Sonderegger Lecturer in Economics
Michael Spratt Research Associate in Applied Statistics
Susan Steed Post-Graduate Research Student
Eddy Tam Research Assistant
Dr Helene Turon Lecturer in Economics
Dr Marcela Umana Aponte Research Assistant
Claudia Vittori Post-Graduate Research Student
Dr Liz Washbrook Research Associate
Professor Leroy White Professor of Management
Dr Deborah Wilson Senior Research Fellow
Professor Frank Windmeijer Professor of Econometrics