Disabled staff and student parking


Please note that if you have more than one vehicle registered on your University parking permit, you MUST ensure that the correct vehicle is active on your permit BEFORE parking on campus.

To switch the active vehicle on your permit, log on to your online parking account, select ‘history’ on the home page and click on the green vehicle icon against your permit. Access the parking permit system here.

Failure to ensure the vehicle you wish to park on campus is both registered and active on your permit may result in enforcement action. For further information please see our parking terms and conditions


The University recognises the importance of supporting staff and students with a disability to enable them to travel to work or study. Any member of staff or student with a disability or other condition affecting their mobility (including a difficult pregnanacy) can apply for a disabled parking permit for the Precinct and Satellite sites. Please note that these permits are for daily commuting to the Clifton Campus for purposes of work or study, not for overnight or long-term parking. Please see the parking terms and conditions for further details.   

Applicants are required to demonstrate how they meet at least one of the disabled parking criteria, as set out in the car parking policy. Disabled parking permit holders are allocated a designated parking space as close as possible to their main place of work or study.

How to apply for a permit

Applications for a disabled parking permit can be made using the new online permit management system. To apply, staff should first register for an account on the permit management system via Single Sign-On. Students, honorary and associate staff, and staff employed by the TSS, should register using the alternative log on option. You can then complete the online questionnaire and upload the documents required to support your application.

You will be required to complete a Disabled Staff/Student Personal Statement (PDF, 1,314kB)‌, to be submitted with one of the following forms of evidence to support your application:

Please note, you should download each of the template forms above to your computer and save a completed version before uploading it to your application. Please do not attempt to complete these forms in your web browser as your progress will not be saved. These forms and further instructions on how to complete your application are available on the permit management website.

New disabled parking permit applications may be submitted at any time. Please allow at least 10 working days for a new permit to be issued. All disabled staff and student parking permit holders are required to re-apply for their parking permits each year.

Prior to submitting a disabled parking permit application, staff and students are advised to note that all permit-holders must abide by the University's Parking Terms and Conditions

How applications are assessed

Disabled parking permit applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by the University’s Occupational Health Service (OHS). The OHS provides an impartial, confidential service and no details are disclosed outside the Service without your consent. However, if further information is required to assess any application, the OHS may consult with the applicant’s GP or treating specialist and/or ask the applicant to attend a meeting with an Occupational Health Advisor.

As part of the assessment process, the OHS will determine the appropriate duration for any permit issued to an applicant with a temporary mobility impairment. There is no right to appeal, but unsuccessful applicants may contact OHS to discuss the reasons their application has been declined and may be permitted to reapply.

Space allocation

Each disabled parking permit holder is allocated a designated parking space as close to their normal place of work or study as possible. The allocation of designated spaces is subject to operational constraints.

If a suitable disabled parking space is not available, an existing general staff or departmental parking space may be allocated on a temporary basis until a new disabled parking space can be created. Due to the finite number of disabled parking spaces available, it will not be possible to allocate multiple disabled parking spaces to one permit holder to cover multiple work or study locations.

Using your disabled parking permit

All University disabled parking permits will be virtual, although you may still choose to display your Blue Badge if you have one.

You can register up to four of your own vehicles on your disabled parking permit. However only one registered vehicle can use your permit at a time, so if you have more than one vehicle registered to your permit you must ensure that the one you wish to park at the University is activated on your permit beforehand.

You can switch the active vehicle on your permit, and/or update the details of your registered vehicles at any time via the online permit system, by selecting ‘history’ on the home page and clicking on green vehicle icon against the relevant permit.

Disabled parking permit holders do not need to display a daily parking coupon in their vehicle to park in their designated disabled parking space. 

Privacy policy

Please note that all parking permit applications are subject to the University's Privacy Policy for the permit application process.