Car share parking



Please note that if you have more than one vehicle registered on your University parking permit, you MUST ensure that the correct vehicle is active on your permit BEFORE parking on campus.

To switch the active vehicle on your permit, log on to your online parking account, select ‘history’ on the home page and click on the green vehicle icon against your permit.

Failure to ensure the vehicle you wish to park on campus is both registered and active on your permit may result in enforcement action. For further information please see our parking terms and conditions


Car sharing

The University's car sharing platform is provided by Lifshare. Staff can register, search for a car share partner, and informally car share via the Liftshare platform. However, to park on the Clifton Campus, a valid parking permit is required.   ‌

‌Car sharing parking permit scheme (2024/2025 permit year starting 1 August 2024)

Car sharing reduces staff travel costs and maximises the number of parking permits that the University can issue. To this end, the University issues car share parking permits to staff permit-holders who are also members of a formal car share team. Staff will only be issued one valid category of University parking permit, e.g. a car sharing permit, a staff general permit or a disabled permit.  Staff are not permitted to hold both a valid car sharing permit and a staff general permit in the same parking permit year. 

Car share parking permits have the following benefits: 

  • The daily parking coupon rate for all members of the car share team is based on the salary of the lowest earning member. 

  • With the exception of the lead driver, all members of the car share team are entitled to 30 days’ worth of parking coupons free of charge (distributed direct from Security Services)

  • All coupons, including those purchased by the lead driver, can be used by any member of the car share team.

How to apply for a permit 

To apply for a car share permit, you must first apply for a staff parking permit. Staff parking permits can only be applied for during set periods of the year. A car share permit will only be issued if this staff permit application is successful. Once you have applied for a staff parking permit, you can use the same online parking permit system to apply for a car share parking permit. Before applying, you will need to register your car share team on the University's car share system (run by Liftshare), and in doing so decide who will be lead driver and who will be team members. It is advisable that the Lead driver is the member with the lowest salary, to take advantage of the lowest parking coupon charges. Only in exceptional circumstances can the lead driver be changed in the Permit system (by Security Services) once an application or award has been made.

In your car share permit application, you will need to provide: 

  • The reference number of your staff parking permit or current application (this will be generated automatically from your account information); 

  • Your LiftshareBUDi ID number as proof of membership of a formal car share team registered on the University’s online car-sharing platform 

  • Names and personal details (home postcode, payroll number and vehicle registration) for each member of your car share team. 

Further information can be found in our Car share parking guidance (PDF, 1,337kB) 

Prior to submitting an application, staff should note that all permit-holders must abide by the University’s Parking Terms and Conditions 

How applications are assessed 

Car share parking permit applications are assessed with reference to the eligibility requirements, and to any current staff permits or other applications. The University cannot guarantee that formal car share permits will be issued to all applicants. 

Applications are subject to verification by Security Services who may reject an application if they identify that the proposed car share team is not practicable. 

Using your car share parking permit 

All staff car share parking permits are virtual. Each successful applicant will be issued with a car share lead or car share member permit as appropriate, in electronic form.  

Only one vehicle can use any car share permit at a time, but you can change the active vehicle on the permit using the online system at any time. If you have more than one vehicle registered to your permit you must ensure that the one you wish to park at the University is activated on your permit beforehand. You can switch the active vehicle on your permit, and/or update the details of your registered vehicles at any time via the online permit system, by selecting ‘history’ on the home page and clicking on green vehicle icon against the relevant permit. Any vehicle registered on a car share permit must display a valid coupon with the correct date and month scratched off when parked in a University General car park. 

Car share permits are not valid in designated Departmental or Disabled parking spaces. If required, any member of a formal car share team can travel independently and park their own vehicle in a general University car park but they must display a valid coupon to do so. 

Car share permit-holders can order parking coupons via the online permit system, or in emergency situations from Royal Fort Lodge. Please visit our Car parking charges and Payment webpage for full details on the coupon ordering and distribution process. The lead driver can purchase up to 245 days’ worth of coupons in a permit year. Car share team members will recieve 30 days’ worth of free parking coupons per year, direct from Security Services, but cannot buy further coupons.  

Car share parking permits are valid for use in any General parking space on the University Precinct and its satellite sites, which can be viewed in the April 2023 Colour Coded Clifton Campus Car Park List (PDF, 409kB). General parking spaces for use by staff (including car-sharers), contractors and some departmental vehicles are marked with white lines. 

Further information on the University car sharing parking permit scheme can be found in the Precinct Parking Policy Summary (PDF, 1,411kB)‌ 


Privacy policy 

Please note that all parking permit applications are subject to the University's Privacy Policy for the permit application process.