Car parking charges and payment

Parking charges and payment information

The table below summarises the charges and payment methods for car parking on the University Precinct (Clifton Campus) and its satellite sites.

 Parking Category

 Charging period



 How to pay


 Per day of parking between 1 August  - 31 July 



 Permit holders:

  • The virtual parking permit is provided free of charge.You only pay for the days you park on the Clifton Campus (Precinct), via a parking coupon. 
  • The parking charge rate is 0.0083% of annual salary per day.  See below for calculation. Parking charges are deducted directly from salary based on how many parking coupons have been purchased in a monthly period.     
  • Successful permit applicants are able to purchase parking coupons in two ways:
    • Via the online Permit System with coupons delivered to home address via Royal Mail. Usual mail-out days are Tuesdays and Fridays, but please allow 10 working days from date of coupon ordering to date of coupon arrival; and
    • In emergency situations only, a walk-in service from Royal Fort Lodge in opening hours
  • It is the permit holders responsibility to ensure their Home address is complete and correct, and ticked as the Correspondance address in the Permit system (PermitSmarti) BEFORE parking coupons are ordered.
  • Staff Home addresses in the Permit system are pulled accross from ERP, so it is vital that ERP is correct. Please view the MyERP guidance for updating your home address
  • Refunds will not be given for parking coupons that go missing due to incomplete or incorrect addresses in the Permit system. Refunds will also not be given on unused or partially unused parking coupons.
  • An image of a parking coupon can be viewed in the Parking Terms and Conditions


Annually per space   



 Permit holders:

  • Charged to permit-holders budget




 £2.50 (incl. VAT) £2.50 (incl. VAT)

 Permit holders:

  • Purchase coupons with credit/debit card via online permit management system
  • Collect from Security Services at Royal Fort Lodge, Tyndall Avenue (Monday to Friday, 08:00-16:00)


Example staff daily charge calculation for parking 

The daily rate for a member of staff earning an annual salary of £26,444 is £2.19

26,444    x     0.0083%    =   1.95      OR

26,444    x     0.0083    /    100    =     2.19

For information on your gross salary see the Human Resources website.

Refunds on any unused staff parking coupons 

No refunds will be made on any unused or partially unused parking coupons.

No refunds will be made for parking coupons that go missing due to incomplete or incorrect home addresses in the Permit system (PermitSmarti)/ERP - please see the above guide for how to check your home address in ERP