Combined Staff and Student Travel Plan

Covid-19 Travel Plan

To support the University's Covid-19 recovery, a bespoke Covid-19 Travel Plan has been developed and approved by the University's Institutional Recovery Group (IRG). Information and progress on the plan can be viewed here Covid-19 Travel Plan (PDF, 219kB)

Combined Staff and Student Travel Plan

Why did the University create a Travel Plan?

The University first developed a staff travel plan in 1999 to help reduce demand for car parking on the University Precinct. A separate travel plan was later adopted in 2009 in response to growing concern over the impacts of car use among students.

In 2013/14, the staff and student travel plans were combined into a single plan with the overall aim of increasing the use of sustainable travel modes among staff and students and so reducing car use, in line with the University’s over-arching Sustainability Policy.

The current Travel Plan

The Combined Staff and Student Travel Plan has been subject to periodic review since it was first adopted in 2013/14. These reviews have reflected the major policy changes affecting staff and student travel patterns (e.g. new Precinct Parking Policy) together with the findings of successive travel surveys.

The current Combined Staff and Student Travel Plan 2018 - 2023 (PDF, 826kB) is an interim update of the previous Travel Plan incorporating objectives and targets from the Sustainability Policy, adopted by the University in late 2017. A full travel plan review, taking into account the findings of recent travel surveys, is scheduled for summer 2019.

Management of the Travel Plan

Development and implementation of the Travel Plan is overseen by the Strategic Transport Group (STG), a high-level body representing a cross-section of the University community. The STG is advised on key issues affecting the Travel Plan by the Consultative Transport Group (CTG), formed of staff and Students’ Union and transport user groups.

Day-to-day delivery of the Travel Plan, including management of all current initiatives, is the responsibility of the Sustainability Manager (Transport) with support from the Travel Plan Co-ordinator. They can be contacted by email: