Inbound study abroad student contacts

Contacts for students studying at Bristol as part of the study abroad programme.

There are different teams who can help you depending on the type of question and pathway you are on. If you are unsure which pathway (general or subject) you are on, check your offer letter. 

The Centre for Study Abroad inbound team act as your faculty office while you are studying with us. 

Study abroad students (general pathway)

General pathway students can take a variety of classes in different subjects. 

For non-academic queries including: 

  • student status letters
  • CAS numbers
  • transcripts

Contact the Centre for Study Abroad inbound team on

For academic queries including: 

  • assessment
  • teaching

contact the school office for the specific unit you have a question about. There is a list of school contacts and Study Abroad Academic Directors on the Blackboard site. 

Study Abroad students (subject pathway)

Subject pathway students are based in a host school/department which best reflects their core area of study. 

Contact your host school/department at the University of Bristol first. They can help with academic queries, including assessment and teaching. They can also provide you with a transcript at the end of your programme. 

For student status letters or CAS numbers, contact the Centre for Study Abroad inbound team on

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