Chief and Senior Resident accommodation

Chief Residents and Senior Residents live in University accommodation and provide support for other students in their residence.

These are paid roles alongside the Residential Life team. They are normally carried out by students in later years of their degree.

As a Chief or Senior Resident, you will:

  • provide peer support through one-on-one conversations and group meetings;
  • support events and community-wide campaigns in your residence;
  • work on the reception in the Student Support Centre;
  • point any concerns to more senior members of the Residential Life team.

Senior Residents are paid for 12 hours of work per week. Chief Residents help to coordinate the team of Senior Residents and are paid for 15 hours of work per week.

As part of the role, you are required to live in our residences. Chief and Senior Resident rooms are interspersed throughout our residences to live alongside the students you will be supporting. After you are offered and accept the role of Chief or Senior Resident, you will be able to submit an application for your accommodation. 

If you are interested in applying, visit the University jobs board to see if any vacancies are currently being advertised.

About Chief and Senior Resident accommodation provision

As a Chief or Senior Resident, you will be required to live in University-allocated accommodation. Most Chief and Senior Resident rooms are standard or en suite rooms within cluster flats, sharing kitchen facilities with other students. A small number of Chief and Senior Resident rooms are self-contained studios with their own kitchen and bathroom facilities. 

How to apply for University accommodation

If you are successfully appointed as a Chief or Senior Resident, you will be invited to submit an accommodation application.

In your application, you will be able to tell us your budget and any accommodation needs you have. You will also be able to tell us if you are planning to bring your partner with you, but please bear in mind that we only have a very small number of rooms suitable for couples, so we may not be able to accommodate this request.

The information you provide on your application will be used to allocate you a suitable room. Your allocation will depend on room availability and the operational needs of the Residential Life service. This means that you might not receive your preferred accommodation type or location. 

Occupancy lengths

Although your job role will be open ended, your occupancy length will be for a fixed-term and you will need to re-apply for accommodation each year.

Your occupancy length will be between 38 and 51 weeks. The length of occupancy is determined by the residence you are living in and will be outlined in your offer of accommodation. If you have an occupancy period ending in June or July, you will be offered accommodation for the summer period. This will be in another residence.   

What if I leave the role? 

If you resign from your position as Chief or Senior Resident, you will need to move out of your room. You will be released from your accommodation contract (and refunded any overpaid fees) from the last day of your employment or the date you vacate your room, whichever is later. 

Student wardens in A2Dominion residences

There are opportunities to work as student wardens in two of our residences: Deans Court and Woodland Court, which are managed by A2Dominion in partnership with the University.

Student wardens work closely with the A2Dominion team on site as part of the service provided to students. In return, you will receive a 50% rent reduction.

These roles will be advertised on the A2Dominion website. Full training and support will be given by A2Dominion.

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