Automatic renewals

Automatic renewal means that all books you have on loan will be automatically renewed by the system at the end of the loan period unless:

  • they have been requested by another library user


  • you have overdue loans
  • your library account has been blocked
  • your library account has expired


Failure to return a requested book by the end of the ‘grace period’ will result in an automatic block being applied to your library account; if you do not respond to notices from the library or return a requested book by the due date you could be invoiced for the full cost of a replacement copy.

The application of the automatic block means that:

  • All the books you have on loan, irrespective of whether they are requested by another user or not, will fail to auto-renew after they have passed the due date

You will need to return any overdue items and pay outstanding library charges before your loan items will automatically renew.

Please note that inter-library loan items are not eligible for renewal.  If you think that you will need an inter-library loan item for longer than a single loan period (usually up to 4 weeks), please contact your subject librarian to discuss alternative ways of accessing it.

You will need to return any overdue requested books before anything remaining on loan to you will automatically renew. If other items on loan to you have also become overdue you will need to have your library account reset.

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