Preparing for the interview

If you have a vacancy or other resourcing need then you should contact your Resourcing team contacts to discuss your requirements. 

The process for setting up and preparing for an interview for a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor,  Chair or their  clinical equivalents has some variations to the guidance outlined below.

The first key element of a well-structured and successful interview process is preparation. Remember that it is not just the candidates who are being selected - its important that you make a good impression too.  A professional and well-organised selection process can go a long way towards ensuring this.

Panel Preparation

Preparing for the interview should include the following:

Interview logistics

Panel members will receive an e-mail from your Faculty or Divisional HR Team, which will provide full details of the interview and selection process. The e-mail will include a link to a single PDF document containing the applications for the interview candidates and links to the interview forms.

Your Faculty or Divisional HR Team will work closely with you on the process and co-ordinate the following:

You will need to liaise with your Faculty or Divisional HR Team to identify who will take responsibility for organising the following ‘local’ logistics:

If you request assistance from your Faculty or Divisional HR Team with some or all of this activity, for instance if there is no suitable venue locally or if you have no admin/ secretarial support available, then it will be provided wherever operationally possible. The Faculty/ Division HR Team may also be more involved if a more complex assessment centre process has been adopted or if psychometric tests are to be used

The interview setting

This is mostly common sense but easy to overlook nevertheless. When choosing a venue and setting the room up:

Issues that may arise at the preparation for interview stage