Interview expenses policy

Where a candidate is attending a job interview at the University and is travelling from outside a 30-mile radius of Bristol, the University will normally reimburse reasonable travel and, if applicable, accommodation costs from the interview expenses budget held by HR. This will be for the individual candidate; the University will not be able to meet any costs for anyone else travelling with them.

The University HR Resourcing Manager's decision is final in relation to the application of this policy. The University reserves the right not to pay the expenses of a candidate who is offered employment but declines to accept it where the reason(s) for non-acceptance are relating to issues not disclosed to the University prior to the interview.


The following will normally be reimbursed:

Accommodation and associated expenses

Where a request for an overnight stay has been approved by the HR Team and the University has not arranged and paid for the accommodation on its own account, the University will reimburse reasonable single occupancy bed and breakfast hotel accommodation up to £120.00 for one night. There are a number of hotels providing good quality accommodation at reasonable rates close to the University, including the following:  

Any additional expenses incurred (e.g. food and drink, newspapers, telephone calls etc.) will not be reimbursed.

Submitting an expenses claim

Expense claims must be submitted on the University's Interview Expenses Form (PDF, 649kB). Applicants should send their completed expenses form and tickets/receipts to the HR contact for the vacancy to be authorised. The University’s Finance Office will then make a BACS payment.   

Please note, expense claims can only be processed where they are fully completed and accompanied by the appropriate original tickets and receipts confirming date of travel, accommodation or purchase, and the cost. Bank statement or credit/debit card receipts alone cannot be accepted as evidence of expense.

Any queries regarding an expenses claim should be made to the HR contact for the vacancy.