Training and workshops

Take part in our workshops and training modules to develop new skills in cryo-EM.

Sample preparation workshops

In our sample preparation workshops, we emphasise a hands-on approach and frequent repetition to ensure that every participant gains the confidence to complete the entire cryo-grid preparation process independently. To accomplish this objective, we conduct monthly workshops with a small group of three to four participants. This approach fosters an environment where participants are encouraged to initiate discussions and receive ample opportunities to practice different aspects of the sample preparation workflow.

Learning outcomes

During this workshop, participants will gain proficiency in the following skills:

  • Setting up the Vitrobot, including cryogen liquification
  • Operating the Vitrobot for plunge-freezing of samples
  • Sample clipping
  • Autogrid transfer into cassettes
  • Loading cassettes into the microscope

How to join

Our sample preparation workshops are offered free of charge and are scheduled on a monthly basis, contingent upon demand. To reserve your spot in our upcoming workshop, simply indicate your preferred month by sending us an email at

Microscopy training modules

We provide two distinct microscopy training modules to cater to the needs of our users.

Basic microscopy training

The first module focuses on foundational microscopy skills, empowering users to independently operate the microscope, conduct sample screening, and configure data collection. This basic training module equips participants with essential microscopy proficiency.

Advanced microscopy training

For those seeking a deeper understanding of cryo-EM and a more advanced skill set, we offer specialised advanced microscopy training modules. These modules are designed to delve into the intricate details of cryo-EM, allowing participants to elevate their expertise beyond basic application.

How to book a session

To schedule a training session, please reach out to us via email at your preferred dates and availability.

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Get started in cryo-EM with free sessions

Apply through the LUCID scheme, a program that awards free cryo-EM sessions to GW4 academic leaders, to jumpstart your cryo-EM research.

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