We provide academic and industrial researchers with access to state-of-the-art high-resolution electron cryo-microscopy tools and equipment.

Cutting edge

Our high-performance transmission electron microscope enables the visualisation of organic and biological specimen at near-atomic detail. It is ideal for screening and optimising cryo-samples and acquiring high-quality images for down-stream analysis.

Expert support

The facility is managed by world-class experts who provide dedicated advice, assistance, and training tailored to your project needs.

Our end-to-end services include preparation of vitrified samples, screening and optimisation, generation of high-resolution data, as well as computational processing and structure generation.

Comprehensive training

We provide individual training modules for in-depth learning of electron cryo-microscopy. Our regular workshops provide hands-on experience in cryo-sample preparation workflow.

People walking up and down the staircases in the glass atrium at the Life Sciences Building Access the facility

Ask us how we can assist you with your next research project.

Get started in cryo-EM with free sessions

Apply through the LUCID scheme, a program that awards free cryo-EM sessions to GW4 academic leaders, to jumpstart your cryo-EM research.

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