About the facility

The GW4 Facility for High-Resolution Electron Cryo-Microscopy provides access to cryo-microscopy to researchers in south west UK and beyond.

In 2017, the GW4 Alliance opened a £2.3 million shared facility for high resolution electron cryo-microscopy at the University of Bristol. The purchase of the state-of-the-art electron cryo-microscope was enabled by two Wellcome Trust Multi-User Equipment Grants awarded to a team of researchers from Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter and co-investment from the four universities constituting the GW4 Alliance.

Our mission

We enable the study of molecular processes responsible for cell function or malfunction using single particle cryo-EM or cryo-tomography in unprecedented detail. This new capability will accelerate novel insights into human health and disease and attract the world’s most talented scientists to collaborate with the leading universities in the region.


The GW4 Cryo-EM Facility is located in the Life Sciences Building Imaging Suite at the University of Bristol, and is closely aligned with the Wolfson Bioimaging Facility.

Facility staff

  • Dr Ufuk Borucu, Technical Specialist and Facility Manager
  • Professor Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel, Academic Lead

GW4 Cryo-EM Facility Steering Group

The steering group includes members from Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, and Exeter.

The group meets quarterly to:

  • advise on policy and strategy
  • coordinate funding bids
  • open up communication with users in different parts of the GW4 Alliance


Group members include:

  • Dr Vicki Gold (University of Exeter) – Chair
  • Dr Bertram Daum (University of Exeter)
  • Dr Mark Jepson (University of Bristol)
  • Professor Jean Van-den-Elsen (University of Bath)
  • Professor Paul Verkade (University of Bristol)
  • Dr Mark Young (Cardiff University)


GW4 Cryo-EM Facility
Life Sciences Building
University of Bristol
24 Tyndall Avenue

UoB with LSB and BMS in the back Bristol – a hub for electron microscopy

Belonging to a network of electron microscopy facilities at the University of Bristol, the GW4 Cryo-EM Facility works in close partnership with the Wolfson Bioimaging Facility.

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