Spatial humanities

Group members

Tamsin Badcoe

Tamsin works on the intersection of poetic and devotional forms with early modern spatial and textual practices including those of cosmography, chorography, geography, and navigation; the literary representation of early modern environments, specifically coastlines, wetlands, and islands, and the ship at sea; the popularity of poetry in print during the early modern period.

Mary Bateman

Mary works on continuities between the medieval and early modern, especially relating to Arthuriana, antiquarianism, and approaches to the past, including responses to space, place and material culture.

Helen Fulton

Helen works on Spatial experience in medieval literature, with a focus on English and Welsh relations; space and power; borders, regions, cities; space and identity; social construction of space; maps and mapping.

Laurence Publicover

Laurence works on early modern oceanic voyages in the context of global histories, with particular focus on English engagements with the Mediterranean world and, increasingly, with West Africa and the Indian Ocean; dramatic geography, i.e. theatrical space and the rendering of (geographical) space in performance.

Sebastiaan Verweij 

Sebastiaan works on late-medieval and early modern literature; history of the book; literary and book culture of Scotland; digital humanities; editorial theory and practice; manuscript and print histories; poems and prose of John Donne.

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