• The Literary Heritage of Anglo-Dutch Relations c. 1050-c. 1550.

    PI: Ad Putter (2018–20, £363,449). A team of scholars on this Leverhulme Research Project is investigating literary exchanges and international relations between England and the Low Countries. A major exhibition, ‘North Sea Crossings’, will open in November 2020 at the Weston Library, University of Oxford.

  • Manuscript Pamphleteering in Early Stuart England

    PI: Noah Millstone, Co-I: Sebastiaan Verweij (2017–18). AHRC Project Grant. The project is to collect and digitise an archive of manuscript pamphlets in order to explore the political concerns of early Stuart England.

  • Literature and Transatlantic Exchange in the British Atlantic World 1640–1750

    PI: Edward Holberton (2017-18, c. £71,500). This British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship supports research into transatlantic literary exchanges in the early modern world, with a focus on writers in Britain communicating with Anglophone colonies in America and the Caribbean.

  • Literary Entrepreneurship, Arts Management and Cultural Industries on the African Continent

    PI: Madhu Krishnan (2017-18, £14,545). ESRC Impact Acceleration Account to establish new literary institutions (festivals, prizes, book distributions and translation initiatives) on the African continent.

  • Ugandan Youth and Creative Writing: New Perspectives on Conflict and Development

    PI: Madhu Krishnan (2016-18, £74,665). AHRC/GCRF Research Innovation Award on Conflict and International Development. This project explores the potential of creative writing as a source of new insight into the development needs of young people living in (post)conflict Uganda.

  • Small Magazines, Literary Networks and Self-Fashioning in Africa and its Diasporas

    PI: Madhu Krishnan (2017-18, £35,210). AHRC Research Grant. Through a study of small magazines, both print and digital, this project aims to explore the legacies of black internationalism in the construction of African and diasporic identities.

  • Manuscripts and Printed Books at Woburn Abbey

    PI: Sebastiaan Verweij (2016–17). Funded by the Society of Antiquaries, the purpose of the project is to survey the manuscripts written and collected by Francis Russell, 4th earl of Bedford, in the first half of the seventeenth century.

  • Literary Archaeology: Exploring the Lived Environment of the Slave

    PI: Josie Gill (2016–17, £63,365). This AHRC Research Grant brought together a team of archaeological scientists, writers, and literary scholars to explore the experience of being enslaved.

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