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Academic Staff

NameTitleEmailAreas of expertise
Ashley, Abs Lecturer Anglophone literatures 1900-present; critical medical humanities; disability studies; queer theory and gender studies
Badcoe, Tamsin Senior Lecturer  Early modern poetry and prose; literature and the environment; literary, visual, and material culture
Baden-Daintree, Anne Lecturer Medieval literature; contemporary poetry
Bateman, Mary Lecturer in Medieval Literature Late medieval and early modern English literature and culture; manuscripts and material culture
Batt, Jennifer Senior Lecturer 18th-century poetry; women’s writing; labouring-class writing; book and printing history; periodicals
Bennett, Andrew Professor British and US literature 1900-the present; British Romantic poetry and poetics; literary theory; literature and suicide
Blades, Andrew Senior Lecturer 20th century American literature; literature and anxiety; medical humanities; queer writing; HIV/AIDS literature
Burton, Edson Lecturer English Literature and Community Engagement: history and creative practice
Calvert, Ian Lecturer in Eighteenth Century Literature 17th and 18th-century English literature; English/Classics literary relations 1550-1830
Chami, Dima Research Associate in West African Literature African literature and migration studies; literary activism in Nigeria
Cheeke, Stephen Senior Lecturer Literature and art; nineteenth-century poetry; Aestheticism; Decadence and the fin-de-siècle
Codsi, Stephanie Lecturer in Literature 1500-1800 Romantic and gothic literature; British 1790s radical literature; William Blake
Cordo Russo, Luciana Newton International Fellow Medieval Welsh and French literature; translation theory and practice
Crowley, Emma Lecturer Contemporary literature and culture; comparative literature; world literary studies
Dawson, Lesel Associate Professor in Literature and Culture Early Modern English literature (particularly drama); grief, loss, mourning and creativity
De Hailes, Steve Lecturer Medieval and Early Modern literature; Arthurian romance literature; faery
Delaney, Kelsi Lecturer in Global Anglophone Literatures Anglophone Caribbean poetry; decolonial poetry studies
Derbyshire, Emily Lecturer Liberal Arts: Early modern literature and culture; space and place
Donnell, Alison
Head of School of Humanities and Professor of Modern Literatures in English Anglophone Caribbean Literature; Black British Literature; postcolonial feminist writing and theory
Edney, Sue Lecturer English Literature and Community Engagement; Romantic and Victorian literature; Ecocriticism and environmental justice
Ephgrave, Siân Lecturer English Literature and Community Engagement: English pedagogy, inclusion and wellbeing
Etter, Carrie Lecturer in Creative Writing (Poetry) Creative writing: poetry and short fiction; ecopoetry and environmental crisis; poetry and classical mythology 
Farr-Cox, Jess Lecturer Foundation in Arts and Social Sciences: Lifelong learning and widening participation; academic skills; literature in relationship to gender, film, animals, land and violence
Ferris, Natalie Lecturer in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Women's Writing 20th and 21st-century women's writing; gender and creativity; poetry and visual culture; experimental form
Forbes, Erin Senior Lecturer in African American Literature African American and U.S. literature of the long 19th century
Fulton, Helen Chair in Medieval Literature Medieval literatures and languages; medieval Welsh and Irish literature; Arthurian literature
Gallwey, April Senior Lecturer English Literature and Community Engagement: Post-war class and gender relations; oral history; single motherhood
Gao, Tim Lecturer in Victorian Literature Victorian literature; the novel; virtual reality; narratology
Gavurin, Billie Lecturer Late-Victorian and early 20th century literature and culture; evolutionary theory; animal-human hybrids
Gill, Josie Associate Professor in Black British Writing Black British, Caribbean and African American contemporary literature; literature and science
Gourd, Elizabeth Lecturer 20th century literature and classical reception; grief, trauma and memory studies
Gournet, Marie-Annick Associate Professor in Lifelong Learning and Inclusive Pedagogy English Literature and Community Engagement
Hanaway-Oakley, Cleo Lecturer in Liberal Arts and English James Joyce; Literature and film; Literature and science; Literature and the senses; Modernism
Harkes, Rachael Postdoctoral Research Associate  
Harris, Rob Lecturer English Poetry and Painting, 1874-1914
Harris, Siân Associate Professor in Literature and Learning 20th and 21st-century literature; Canadian literature; women's writing; gender and genre; detective fiction
Harrison, James Lecturer Victorian poetry and criticism; aestheticism
Holberton, Ed Senior Lecturer in Early Modern Literature Early Modern English and American literature and the Atlantic world; Civil War and Restoration literature
Hume, Cathy Senior Lecturer Middle English literature; Chaucer and biblical literature; literature and ethics
James, Stephen Senior Lecturer Modern and contemporary poetry; Charles Dickens; poetry and landscape; refrains and repetition
Kahora, Billy Lecturer in Creative and Professional Writing Creative Writing: the short story and creative non-fiction
Kalisch, Michael Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 20th and 21st-century American prose; Jewish American writing; psychoanalysis; sound/radio studies; publishing studies
Karatas, Melek Research Associate Medieval (French) literature, visual culture, book history (especially manuscript illumination), women's art and writing in the Middle Ages
Kennedy, Kathleen British Academy Global Professor Medieval English history and the history of the book
Kennedy-Epstein, Rowena Associate Professor in Gender and Women's Writing 20th and 21st-century women writers; American literature; the avant-garde; transnational modernism; the archive; feminism
Kiguru, Doseline Lecturer in World Literatures in English African literature and postcolonial literary production
Krishnan, Madhu Professor of African, World and Comparative Literatures 20th and 21st-century postcolonial literature; African literature; literature and politics; prize culture
Lam, Deborah Lecturer Romantic and Victorian literature, art and aesthetics
Lampitt, Matthew Postdoctoral Research Associate Multilingual literary cultures of the medieval Welsh Marches
Laurent, Amy Senior Lecturer Foundation in Arts and Social Sciences: Lifelong Learning and Widening Participation
Lee, John Senior Lecturer English Renaissance drama; Shakespeare; Literature and Medicine
Lock, Pam Lecturer English Literature and Community Engagement: 19th-century literature; the history of drink and drinking
Malay, Michael Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Environmental Humanities 20th-century literature; poetry and environmental humanities
Marland, Pippa Lecturer Modern and contemporary literature; environmental humanities
Masud, Noreen Lecturer Modern and contemporary poetry; short-form writing 1800-present; nonsense literature; literature and landscape; affect theory
Matthews, Samantha Associate Professor in Nineteenth Century Literature Romantic and Victorian literature; book history
Maude, Ulrika Professor of Modern Literature Post-war English and American fiction; Modernism; literature and medicine; literature and technology; embodiment; Samuel Beckett
McClune, Kate Senior Lecturer 15th and 16th-century Scottish and English manuscript culture; Arthurian literature; older Scots literature
McTague, John Associate Professor in Eighteenth Century Studies Restoration and early eighteenth-century literature; the history of historiography; history of the book and analytical bibliography
Moor, Jessica Lecturer in Creative Writing Creative writing: the novel
Murray, Rachel Lecturer in Literature and the Environment Modernist literature, animal studies, and the environment
Nadin, Jo Associate Professor in Creative Writing Creative Writing: fiction and the formation of 'self'; class and the novel; writing for young readers
O’Brien, Sean Lecturer in 20th and 21st Century American Literature Modern and contemporary literature; American studies; Marxism and Economic Humanities
Parker, Emma Lecturer in Literature and Gender 20th- and 21st-century autobiographical writing; afterlives of empire
Passey, Joan Senior Lecturer Victorian literature and culture; transhistorical, transatlantic Gothic 18th-century-present; the blue humanities
Pite, Ralph Professor in English Contemporary poetry; Romantic literature; responses to Dante; Thomas Hardy; Victorian fiction; writing and the environment
Publicover, Laurence Senior Lecturer Early modern drama; literary and dramatic geography; the sea in literature and culture; tragedy and theories of tragedy
Puri, Tara Senior Lecturer Victorian literature; late-19th and early 20th-century Indian literature; women' s writing and history; periodicals and print culture
Putter, Ad Professor of Early Modern English Literature Middle English literature and language; Arthurian romance; comparative medieval literature medieval romance; editing
Renaud, Leighan Lecturer in Caribbean Literature  20th and 21st-century Caribbean fiction; Black Atlantic literature; Black women's writing
Savage, Craig Deputy Director of ELCE Lifelong learning; 19th- and 20th-century American literature; poetry; Bob Dylan
Savvas, Theo Senior Lecturer in English Literature

American literature; postmodernist literature; history and fiction; vegetarianism and veganism in literature; Critical Animal Studies

Skinazi, Karen Associate Professor of Literature and Culture Liberal Arts: Late-19th-21st-century Jewish, multiethnic, American, and women’s literature and culture
Soper, Harriet Lecturer in Medieval Literature Early Medieval Literature and Culture; Old English; ecological theory and the nonhuman
Sperlinger, Tom Professor of Literature and Engaged Pedagogy Lifelong learning, literary study, and civic engagement; creative non-fiction, journalism, and poetry
Stadtler, Florian Senior Lecturer in Literature and Migration South Asian Literature, Film and History; Salman Rushdie; Migration and Diaspora Studies; Black British Literature; Postcolonial Literature and Theory
Steggle, Matt Chair of Early Modern Literature Early modern literature and drama; digital humanities; scholarly editing and lost plays
Tether, Leah Professor of Medieval Literature and Publishing Medieval French and English literature; digital humanities; history of the book; publishing studies
Thebo, Mimi Reader in Creative Writing Creative writing: Children's Literature; ecocriticism; issues of representation, including postcolonial theory
Vaccarella, Maria Senior Lecturer in Medical Humanities Contemporary literature; critical disability studies; literature and medicine; medical humanities
Verweij, Sebastiaan Senior Lecturer in Late Medieval and Early Renaissance English Literature Later medieval and early modern literature; Scottish literature (1400-1700); book history and bibliography; editing; digital humanities
Wootten, William Senior Lecturer Modern and contemporary poetry; the creative writing of poetry; poetics and the psychology of verse
Wright, Jane Senior Lecturer 19th-century literature; Victorian poetry and literary criticism; Tennyson, Clough, Arnold, Hopkins

Honorary and Emeritus Staff

Ailes, Adrian  Honorary Research Associate
Atkin, Tamara Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Bolton, Timothy Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Cartwright, Penny Honorary Research Associate
Clare, Janet Honorary Professor
Clarke, John Visiting Research Fellow
Collins, Georgina Honorary Senior Reseach Associate
Derry, Stephen Honorary Teaching Associate
Foster Evans, Dylan Honorary Research Fellow
Harris, Rob Honorary Research Associate
Herbert McAvoy, Liz Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Hill, Sarah Visiting Research Fellow
Hopkins, David Senior Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor of English
Jones, Hester Honorary Research Fellow
Karlin, Daniel Senior Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor in English
Levelt, Sjoerd Honorary Senior Research Associate
Loden, Sofia Honorary Research Fellow
McDowell, Nicholas Visiting Research Fellow
Meale, Carol Senior Research Fellow in English
Phillips, Rebecca Honorary Research Fellow
Price, Dorothy Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Punter, David Emeritus Professor
Ryan, Xander Honorary Research Associate
Smallwood, Philip Honorary Senior Teaching Associate
Smith, Victoria Ellen Visiting Senior Research Associate, Centre For Black Humanities
Stokes, Myra Visiting Research Fellow
Webb, Tim Senior Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor in English
Whalley, Bethany Honorary Research Fellow
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