Literatures of the Global South

Group members

Emma Crowley

Emma’s primary research interests are in contemporary literature and culture and their sociopolitical contexts. She researches Latin American, Caribbean and post-Soviet writing in relation to world literary studies and radical internationalism. Other areas of interest include global post-socialisms, genre fiction, and Latin American feminist materialism.

Kelsi Delaney

Kelsi's research considers topics including form in contemporary Caribbean poetry, Caribbean and black British spoken word traditions and the (de)colonial history of the sonnet in the Anglophone Caribbean. She is also part of a collaborative project working on gender-based violence in the Caribbean. In this capacity she researches representations of GBV in poetry and spoken word, as well the use of arts-based methodologies in GBV research and activism.

Josie Gill

Josie’s interests are in Black British and Caribbean writing, science and medical humanities, fiction, life writing and memoir.

Billy Kahora

Billy is currently working on a novel that is multi-vocal and that attempts to capture a key political moment in Kenya during a Constitutional referendum. Based on this, research interests at the moment are narrative voice, novelistic societal registers and multi-vocality. He is also interested in creative writing teaching histories and pedagogies and involved in past (and ongoing events) on the African continent around this.

Doseline Kiguru

Doseline’s research interest is in postcolonial print and digital cultures with a focus on African literary and cultural production mechanisms. She engages with both the text as well as the literary networks & platforms within which the text circulates such as publishing and prize industries, book fairs and festivals, literary magazines and writers’ organisations.

Madhu Krishnan

Madhu’s primary interests centre on the cultural and literary production of the African continent, particularly around literary activism, networks and the constitution of publics. She works in English, French and (to a far lesser degree) Kiswahili. Her work is both archival and practice-based and one of her major preoccupations is on the question of method in North-South co-labouring work. She is interested both in the literary as aesthetic form and as material medium.

Michael Malay

Michael works on poetry and environmental literature. He is especially interested in the following fields – animal studies, ecofeminism and ecocritical theory – and is currently working on a project that explores the relationships between people and plants.

Emma Parker

Emma’s research interests include contemporary and postcolonial literature, all forms of life writing (including graphic memoirs), and the cultural legacies of the British Empire. Her first monograph Contemporary Life Writing and the End of Empire (Bloomsbury, 2023) establishes an unrecognised cohort of modern memoirists who recorded their memories of white settlerdom across numerous autobiographical texts, attempting to ‘go home’ to the empire long after formal decolonisation.

Laurence Publicover

Laurence’s interest in the Global South is bound up in his interest in the place of the ocean (and esp. the seabed) in global histories and histories of globalization. For example: how Latin American and Pacific Island nations have shaped -- and continue to shape -- the Law of the Sea, deep-sea mining, and submarine networks.

Tara Puri

Tara is currently working on Indian women’s magazines in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. More broadly, she is interested in women’s literary history in late colonial India and her work is centred around issues of work, education, citizenship, and leisure.

Leighan Renaud

Leighan’s research focuses primarily on contemporary Anglophone Caribbean literature.

Florian Stadtler

Florian Stadtler’s main research interests lie in colonial and postcolonial literatures and film, especially South Asian writing in English, the work of Salman Rushdie, British South Asian history, literature and film, South Asian Film studies, Bollywood, and its representation in South Asian fiction, cultural representations of migration, and Global Modernisms.

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