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Late Light

The cover of Michael Malay's book Late Light, depicting a sunset on Trooper's Hill, Bristol.

Press release issued: 11 July 2023

by Michael Malay

Late Light is the story of Michael Malay’s own journey, an Indonesian Australian making a home for himself in England and finding strange parallels between his life and the lives of the animals he examines. Mixing natural history with memoir, this book explores the mystery of our animal neighbours, in all their richness and variety. It is about the wonder these animals inspired in our ancestors, the hope they inspire in us, and the joy they might still hold for our children.

Late Light is about migration, belonging and extinction. Through the close examination of four particular ‘unloved’ animals – eels, moths, crickets and mussels – Michael Malay tells the story of the economic, political and cultural events that have shaped the modern landscape of Britain.

Late Light is available from BookHaus, Waterstones, Blackwells, and all good bookshops.

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