The SME Internship Scheme

Our funded SME Internship Scheme provides opportunities for you to work with our students.

SME Internship Scheme

The SME Internship Scheme is open to applications for the 2023/24 academic year.

The scheme provides paid work experience of 4 weeks (140 hours) with SMEs in the UK, for current students and alumni who have graduated within the last 15 months. The fund supports organisations whilst providing opportunities for internships where you can make a difference.

The team at the University is amazing, the SME Internship schemes are truly a blessing for start-up companies like ours. Our business greatly benefited from our partnership with the University.

Nithya, Lurnable Limited

"My SME internship" blog series

Hear from students who have completed internships through the SME internship Scheme over on the Careers Service blog 

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