Becoming a Chief or Senior Resident

Chief Residents and Senior Residents play a key role in supporting the experience of students across the residences at the University. Chief Resident and Senior Resident are live-in, salaried positions.

As a Chief or Senior Resident, you will take an active role in supporting events and community-wide campaigns in your residence in collaboration with student representatives. You will also provide peer support to residents through one-to-one conversations, group meetings and reception work in the Student Support Centres, signposting any concerns to more senior members of the Residential Life team. Chief Residents also help to coordinate the activities of their team of Senior Residents, liaising closely with Residential Life Advisers and the Residential Life management team. Chief Residents are paid for 15 hours’ work a week and Senior Residents for 12 hours’ work a week.

Why apply?

In addition to receiving a salary, you will also gain skills and experience in a wide range of activities including event planning, project management, budgeting, leadership and advice and support. You will be joining a team of senior residents and residential life staff offering you support and friendship.

As a Chief or Senior Resident you won’t need to worry about finding accommodation as you will be guaranteed a place in University-allocated accommodation and you won’t need to worry about bills because they will be included in your accommodation fee.

You will also have something to add to your CV that will help you stand out from the other applicants when it comes to finding employment or pursuing further academic studies.

In the past year as a senior resident at Hiatt Baker I have learnt so much.

Senior Resident (Hiatt Baker 17/18)

I appreciate all the training opportunities that arise from being a senior resident.

Senior Resident (Northwell House 17/18)
A senior resident delivers an engineering revision workshop. Image credit: Julio Hermosilla

The role for me is an opportunity to make a difference.

Senior Resident (Badock Hall 17/18)
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